Medical device platform for openly networked central workstations
in operating theaters and clinics

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Why Medi.NET?

The digital transformation in the healthcare sector offers great opportunities to improve the quality of care in operating theaters and clinics.

Until now, individual solutions have prevented comprehensive data exchange and standardized device operation. Against this backdrop, the open and manufacturer-independent networking of medical devices represents a promising solution. It has the potential to revolutionize and significantly relieve the healthcare market by exploiting synergy effects. Networking leads to data fusion, automated documentation and standardized user interfaces, thus improving clinical processes.

Everyday life in the clinic:

More then 17 Million operations in Germany/ per year
Documentation takes more then 50% of work-time.
Paper trail, phone calls to get simple information and USB Sticks are still in massive use.
Different protocols contain same data multiple times.
Multiple user experiences by different vendor devices lead to usability issues.

Topic Modules Medi.Net

SDC Plattform


We at BEGER DESIGN are specialize in design for medical technology in operating theatres and clinics.

Chair of Medical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Helmholtz-Institute for Biomedical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University.

SurgiTAIX AG is an OEM manufacturer in the medical technology sector and has been researching networked medical technology since 2005. With sdcX, SurgiTAIX offers the first commercial, quality-assured SDC library worldwide.

Docs in Clouds TeleCare GmbH is a company for software and hardware solutions in the field of telemedicine based in Aachen. Specialist doctors and engineers develop telemedical solutions for inpatient and outpatient care facilities for the elderly, palliative care and general practitioner care.

For more than 60 years, steute Technologies has been developing complex switchgear and sensors for industrial applications. Our versatility and high quality have also enabled us to become a trusted partner for device manufacturers across the medical field.

IT4process GmbH was established as a spin-off of the renowned RWTH Aachen University. Our team of experts has spent over ten years with the analysis and optimization of processes in hospitals and other enterprises with complex workflow processes, as well as with the support of these processes with software solutions.

RIWOlink provides all services required for a successful implementation of digitization projects for the operating room. The focus is on surgical workflow and process support as well as AI-based image/video analysis and processing.

ERNW Research is an independent IT Security service provider based in Heidelberg, Germany. Since its founding in 2015, the focus of ERNW Research has been on performing Research projects in all areas of IT security – publicly funded projects in cooperation with universities, customer projects, as well as internal research projects.

nextOR Planning is our AI-based solution for hospitals:
A self-learning program that optimizes OR planning many times over.

Essen University Hospital is part of the Essen University Hospital Group. This includes 15 other subsidiaries, including Ruhrlandklinik, St. Josef Krankenhaus Werden, Herzchirurgie Huttrop and Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen.

We teach. We provide competent young professionals in medicine and nursing. We develop the medicine of tomorrow. Cooperation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We specialize in the acute care and rehabilitation of seriously injured and occupationally ill people.

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Process-integrated medical technology in operating theaters and clinics

About the Project


(Deutsch) RUBIN Erfahrungsaustausch 6./7. Juli 2024 in Magdeburg

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(Deutsch) Das Projekt Medi.NET wird am 6. und 7. Juni 2024 in Magdeburg beim RUBIN Erfahrungsaustausch vorgestellt und mit anderen Bündnissen diskutiert.

The Medi.NET project team at DMEA 2024

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DMEA 2024 The Medi.NET project team at the OR.NET stand – DMEA 2024 in Berlin

DMEA 2024

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DMEA 2024 Visit our x-workstation from 09.04. – 11.04.2024 live at the DMEA in Berlin. Hall 3.2, Stand E-118

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